While appearing on the Musa Semakula online show, MP Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert a.k.a Bobi Wine has revealed that it is on the same morning of Saturday 30th January 2010 when Bebe Cool was shot that he too nearly lost his life.

A few years ago while at a venue around Kibuli, awaiting for his turn to perform at a concert, Bobi Wine was involved in a scuffle that might just have led to the loss of his life. While chilling his friends the RDC of the region, Mulowoza, sent his guards to tell Bobi Wine to go and greet him to which Bobi declined since he was awaiting his performance. Bobi admits he was a bit drunk. The guards then tried to drag Bobi Wine, to which he retaliated and in that scuffle he punched one of the RDC’s guards who fell one level down from a two-storied building, and almost injured as he nearly missed falling on a protruding iron bar since the building was under construction. Bobi Wine says this image is still stuck on his memory, and he cannot imagine what would have happened to him and his family in case the guard had fallen badly.

Bobi says that he immediately ran away from the venue and that is when the RDC’s guards opened fire towards him. Many rounds of bullets were fired towards the direction he was running but he survived all and he was saved by a bodaboda man named Nico at the Kibuli bodaboda stage who gave Bobi a hooded jumper for disguise and he whisked him away from all the fracas.

Later on reaching home, he got the news about the shooting of his music rival Moses Ssali a.k.a Bebe Cool while at Effendy’s, Centenary Park. How this all this happened concurrently still baffles Bobi Wine but he say he was the lucky one on the night and he says that among the many other factors that might have changed his early violent life, this particular one was the biggest eyeopener and it is from then that he started looking at life with a little bit extra caution.

Bebe Cool at Nsambya Hospital after being shot.


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