Singer Aziz Azion has also added his name on the list of Ugandan artists who came out to produce tribute songs for the fallen star and music general Late Mowzey Radio.

Mowzey Radio breathed his last on 1st of February 2018 and two days later he was laid to rest on 3rd February in Nakawuka Kagga and upon his death he did not only leave behind so many broken hearts but also a great legacy most especially from his singing career.
Aziz Azion has come out with a song dubbed “Omukululo” in which he asks everyone about the Legacy they would want to leave behind before the Almighty calls them.
In a cool tone Aziz Azion goes on to advise everyone that the time is now to work for their Legacies since no one knows the day apart from God.
The “Omukululo” acoustic version is a Jonah Production.
Listen it here;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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