Ugandans living in Los Angeles hosted Honorable Bobi Wine a.k.a Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu at dinner yesterday where they talked about many issues happening in Uganda.

Events in the social, political and economic spheres in Uganda were discussed by Hon. Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine in the Town Hall meeting. He said that most of the Ugandans living abroad were influenced by the poor state of politics and social situation back home. He urged the Ugandans in L.A not to lose hope in their country but to work hand in hand with everyone who has a positive and proactive approach towards ‘saving’ their country from the situation currently in Uganda.

Bobi Wine and Zani Lady C.

He time to time emphasized that the biggest cause of most the problems in Uganda are due to ignorance and bad leadership, and they should be the first problems to solve. In his opinion, he believes it is the big youth population can only solve such problems if they work in a big group, and rather not individually. Many issues were discussed, after which Bobi Wine closed his speech by saluting fallen singer Mowzey Radio.

He then shared dinner and light social moments with fellow Ugandans.

Bobi Wine shares dinner with friends.

You can watch watch transpired in the meeting here;

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