An agitated Eric Omondi has taken to social media to declare that he would never run broke however much haters are praying for his downfall.

Comedian Eric Omondi was responding to some bloggers who claimed that he would be the next “Grace to grass” after the story of TV personalities Louis Otieno and Swaleh Mdoe brought the kenyan Entertaiment industry to a stand still as each one of them is facing his own versions of financial strains

Eric Omondi took to Instagram to issue a powerful statement against the prophets of doom and declared that he will be well and financially stable for many years to come.

In a post seen by MBU, Eric is jamming to a gospel tune as he deflects public opinion that he would eventually run broke from all his flamboyance.

“I have come across a very saddening post by one blogger. This blogger twitted that @mwalimchurchill and I will one day put up a paybill seeking help. No one knows tomorrow but words are powerful and I will SPEAK mine. I will never lack!!! I will never know shame!!! I will be a blessing to my generation!!! No weapons set against me will prosper!!! I am chosen of god!!! Called by his name!!!”

Eric Omondi wrote on Instagram.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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