Sipapa (Left), and Serena Bata.

Singer Serena Bata has broken the news and informed the public why she quit Sipapa Entertainment. In her own voice she said the her major reason to quit is that her husband Sipapa, who doubles as the owner of Sipapa Entertainment; used, cheated and mistreated her.

Serena Bata (middle) and other Sipapa Entertainment Crew singers.

In a soft shaky voice Serena Bata explained the many things that led to her dissatisfaction with long-term lover Sipapa. She says that despite loving him with all her heart and never for the money, Sipapa never ever saw any good in her.

Serena Bata also mentioned that she is confused and has never understood why Sipapa could not man-up and tell her exactly why he treated her that way. Sipapa has children from other women, and none with Serena Bata and the latter thinks that could be the reason why all this happened.

Serena takes care of the hospitalized Sipapa last year.

She says that even the car Sipapa had bought for her was taken away which she accepted to keep their love flowing, but for all the patience there is nothing for her left in the relationship. As much as she might still love his lover, Serena has decided to go single, put more concentration on music and move on with her life.

Serena Bata and the car Sipapa bought her.

You can listen to the full audio here;

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