The legendary Afrigo Band started their Unplugged session on Wednesday with “Emali,” a popular iteso song that many Ugandans have come to love.

The 52-year-old band immersed revellers – young and old – in a live and rich musical experience that can be rivalled by only a few Ugandans musicians.

Songs like “Jim,” “Speed Controlle,” “Obangaina” and others were performed by a practiced and experienced band amid loud cheers from the animated crowd.

The ecstatic crowd was taken to a whole new level when Eddie Yawe took to the mic with his baritone voice. As soon as the band hit the first notes of the popular hit “Tukiggale,” loud screams could be hard from the cheering crowd at Liquid Silk Nalya.

With Madrat and Chiko making an appearance, revellers as usual demanded repetitions of several songs which the band obliged to.

The show ended on a high note which is synonymous with Afrigo band performances.

Next week Liquid Silk Nalya will host the grand finale of Unplugged Sn 2. The session will be graced by none other than David Lutalo, of the Wololo fame. We shall be sure to bring you the updates.

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