Princess Komuntale

Toro Kingdom’s Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntale has retaliated over past reports that claimed she was HIV+, and she has proof to show for it. She claims it was an act of defamation.

The 29 year old Komuntale was a hot item for most tabloids both locally and internationally after splitting with her ex-husband Duke Christopher Thomas. The two who got married in November 2012 had a bitter split after claims of cheating and battering between them. Since then, both parties have exchanged words and insults on social media. The wrangle got sour when the tabloids picked interest. One of the most shocking revelation was when it was claimed that Komuntale was battling strange illnesses and HIV/AIDs was constantly mentioned. Since then, the beautiful princess, as well as the Duke decided to keep a low profile.

Komuntale and Christopher Thomas on their wedding in 2012.

Today however, Nsemere Komuntale has decided to make it clear that she is fine and not battling any diseases as earlier claimed. The Princess says that these claims were aimed at defamation, and were engineered by her ex-husband. She posted the cumulative report from the medical test results on her Facebook platform today morning with the caption below;

“In 2013 I was bashed by the Ugandan tabloids/media about a lot of things, but worst of all they put the so called diseases on me, all with the help of my ex husband Christopher Thomas. I decided to share this very personal information with you to bring to light how media can do anything to tarnish ones image to gain sales (so take everything they say about someone with a grain of salt). I was a victim of that, with the help of my estranged ex husband spreading lies about me with the goal to tarnish my image. Yes I know this is old news, an old wound that healed but awareness is important. I am proud to say I am one healthy 29 year old woman!”

She attached the medical results as shown below;

The medical results Komuntale posted.
We are sure Christopher has something to say as well, and we shall keep you posted!

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