Uganda’s sensational singer OS Suna who was at the peak of his music career in the early 2000’s after his ‘Nakudata’ collaboration with Radio and Weasel that nominated all the media houses is set to make a major comeback in the music Industry.

OS Suna , The White House Music CEO, singer, songwriter and producer, is now back ready and stronger than ever as he set to release a new music album after having scooped a deal with Extra Level Entertainment (E.L.E).

The excited singer in a long statement confirmed to us that;

Extra Level Entertainment (E.L.E) is going to undertake all endouvers of producing, strategized marketing, Managing, publishing and running general promotions of my music plus representation on a renewable six (6) months understanding.

OS Suna started 2018 in a higher gear with “Tewali Mbeera remix” with Gravity taking over airwaves. Last year, he ousted songs Malaika , Bitafutafu , Kanzinemu and the latest being Ngonyumye, an infectious love track in celebration of falling in love.

We hopeful think 2018 will be his year and of course we wish him all the best.

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