A throwback photo of Tanzanian singer Chibu Dangote aka Diamond Platinumz in his senior one has not only excited everyone but also brought to the end the conversation on why he falls for women older than him in Age.

Diamond Platinumz has been a hot topic in all media houses for the past weeks over all wrong reasons more so his unexpected sensational breakup with Ugandan City Socialite and mother of his two children Zari Hassan and falling back for his Ex-Wama Sepetu despite the massive age gap between the two.

Well our sources have come across a long time photo of a very youthful Diamond who was just starting out on a High school life making his signature pose next to a female student.

The only glitch perhaps is the fact the lady looks way older than Diamond, like she was a couple of classes ahead of him. Regardless, she hands him a sick look that would suggest the singer who was yet to discover his limelight fate was already smooth with the ladies from way back then and looked ready to harvest her.

We can “fairly” say that Diamond Platinumz’s love for ladies older than him started way back in his youthful days and probably it must be one of his hobbies at the moment but the truth is he needs nothing else but your players.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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