Located in the middle of Al Aweer desert in Dubai, Awir Central Jail is stretched across a square kilometer and a home to more than 4,000 convicts including Ugandan tycoon, SK Mbuga who has found a home in the strict but luxurious correctional facility.

Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga was arrested and charged in connection to 53M Kronor (about UGX23Billion) that his Swedish wife Angella Vivienne Chebet, a.k.a Vivienne Birungi, allegedly fleeced from a company account she jointly ran with her former boyfriend in Sweden. Mbuga is being held in Dubai’s central jail, and we got you some of what he is going through.

Mbuga and Vivienne.

An inmate’s first port of call in Awir Central Jail is the registration section. He hands in his belongings and is issued an identity card that also serves as a debit card in the prison supermarket. These cards can be topped up by family members or friends to a monthly average limit of 1,000 Dirhams. The inmate then receives their uniform that they are to wear for the rest of his life while in the facility. Medical checkups, that consists of blood samples, are then taken. The prisoner is then assigned a cell in one of the four buildings of the facility.

Awir Central Jail.

Throughout their stay, the inmates are assigned daily activity, depending on which rehabilitation program they have been assigned to undertake. There are breaks where the prisoners can spend some free time watching TV, in the library, on the exercise ground, or on the playground.

Inside the correctional facility.

Despite being under close supervision and behind bars, Sully K Mbuga seems to be having a time of his life. This is according to Abraham Luzzi, Mbuga’s business associate and chairman of Ssebo International Group and actually a former convict in the same prison, where he was sentenced for nine months after failing to deliver 1.5 tonnes of gold from Congo to Switzerland. He says that Mbuga is ‘as good as free’ since he is given special treatment. He can make five calls in and outside Dubai, and there is not much torture from fellow inmates.

Inmates working in a carpentry shop at the facility.

Well, like they say, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others!

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