Unplugged Sn2 will hold its grande finale this Wednesday 7th after 15 straight weeks of non-stop live music, and David Lutalo has been selected to headline the session.

David Lutalo of the “Woololo” fame is no doubt a Ugandan music heavy weight. The soft spoken star has for some years now put up sold out concerts in January – a month that no other musician in Uganda dares to even dream of putting up a show.

The star who shot to fame with the tune “Akabina Kapapala,” has defied the odds and continued to wow Ugandans with popular hits like “Helena,” “So Nice,” “Gunsitula,” “Wooloolo.”

Liquid Silk Management indeed confirmed to us why David Lutalo was chosen to headline the last Unplugged Sn 2 session. Charlie – their spokesman – told us that Lutalo’s fan base and the popularity of his music among Ugandans definitely helped them arrive at the selection of Lutalo.

Since its first episode featuring Bebecool in November, Unplugged Sn 2 has hosted artists like Chameleone, Cindy, YKebeenda, Angela Kalule on their stage at Liquid Silk Nalya in the most authentic musical experience we have seen in Kampala yet.

As Unplugged Sn 2 comes to an end, we shall be watching and keeping you posted on David Lutalo’s performance.

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