After parting ways with Decent Entertainment, what is next for Charly na Nina? Mid last month, the duo parted ways with Alex Muyoboke’s Decent Entertainment music label.

Charly na Nina are a female award-winning music duo from Rwanda. They have released many projects in the last five years that they have actively been in the music industry. They have had a fair share of success and attention from the East African region winning most of their fans in Uganda and Rwanda. All through this, they have been signed under the Decent Entertainment label.

Charly na Nina performing.

Alex Muyoboke is a prominent manager/promoter who has been at the center of Charly na Nina’s drastic rise on the local and regional music scene. He has been their manager for over five years. However in February, the two parties parted ways over unclear circumstances. In a statement issued on their social media, Charly na Nina made it clear that they were no longer under Decent Entertainment effective February 20, 2018. They statement read;

“Charly na Nina would like to announce that they are parting company with Decent Entertainment with immediate effect. We are taking control of our own careers, setting up our own management agency to manage our own affairs, as well as promoting our music. They (Decent Entertainment) do not represent us and are not legally entitled to negotiate for us with effect from today the February 20, 2018. These are our new professional principles in order to advance our music and brand across Africa and the world.”

Alex Muyoboke, the C.E.O of Decent Entertainment.

The cause of this breakup have remained mysterious but what is next for the singing duo? Well, they already have plans in place to set up a management agency to cater for own music affairs and its promotion. They also have numerous songs and videos already in queue for their fans, and they look forward to advancing their music and brand across the African continent and the world at large.

Their former manager Muyoboke is also moving on and he says;

“I love both music and politics so much that I am hoping to join politics someday. I have loved music since I was a young boy and while at university, I used to organize music shows on my own. However, I studied political science and social work, therefore, I intend to switch career after ending my contract with Charly na Nina.”

It is an end of the bond but good to know both parties have plans in place to keep their businesses going!

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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