Sheilah Gashumba is in panic mode after singer Sheebah launched her new hair extensions business called ‘Sheebah By Natna‘. The TNS singer is diverting some of her efforts into her new businesses.

Sheebah is a former customer of Sheilah’s hair extensions.

The fashion industry in Uganda seems to be growing with each minute that passes by. The stiff competition has been tipped even a notch higher by the launch of a new hair line business brand by a big music star, the diva Queen Sheebah. Sheebah Karungi also launched her clothing store ‘Sheebah Collections’ last week and in addition she launched her hair extension business ‘Sheebah by Natna’.

Sheebah launched ‘Sheebah By Natna’ on social media.

The panic being sent down Sheilah Gashumba’s spine after the launch of ‘Sheebah by Natna‘ is because Sheebah is a big music star and her brand speaks for itself. It is this advantage that she is poised to use to push her hairline, and this will surely be huge competition to other hairline business owners in Uganda. Gashumba has been considerably a monopoly in this hair extension business for quite a long time and many celebrities (both local and those from within the region) have at various times been seen advertising her hairline brand.

Sheebah, the ‘Enjala‘ singer’s hairline products are a bit cheaper and of a wider range than Sheilah Gashumba’s. This has already won over a few of Sheilah’s ardent customers who say her products are too expensive. One customer on Facebook said she cannot buy a hair piece at UGX 3M when there is the same hair piece at UGX 200,000. Gashumba might have to reconsider her prices.

Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheebah at the launch of ‘Sheebah By Natna’ said that it has always been her dream for so many years to spread her wings into active business, and the hair line as well as clothing store businesses have always crossed her mind as prospective businesses to venture in. She said;

“As you all know, I’m a feminist and I love empowering fellow women. Our main focus while creating this line was to provide quality but affordable hair services to every kind of woman in their respective social classes. All we hope for is your trust and support.”

Well, she definitely has our support!

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