Fefe Bussi has a new song titled ‘Who Is Who?‘. In the track he disses fellow Ugandan rappers including Fik Fameica who we all thought was his very good friend. As usual, we dissect the song for you and you can be the judge.

The ‘Who Is Who?‘ title alone paints such a vicious picture in your imagination already, doesn’t it? The song is sang in Lugaflow, and Fefe Bussi flows on one of the most famous beats to ever grace the Hip Hop culture globally. If you have listened to the 1999 ‘Hate Me Now‘ song on which Nas features P.Diddy, then you must easily relate to this beat.

Fefe Bussi starts the song with a comic introduction, typical of his character and personality. The smallest rapper goes head-on in the first verse where he unleashes a wrath on fellow Ugandan rappers. The first victim on this new song is Fic Fameica, the ‘Mafia‘, who Fefe describes as Fik ‘Makanika‘, a vernacular word for Mechanic. He raps about how he really wanted to learn a few things about Fik Fameica’s style, but he dresses like gays. He further raps about how they have totally different dreams saying Fameica dreams of taking pics with Wizkid yet he himself dreams of expanding his empire and taking care of street kids.

Tip Swizzy, Fic Fameica and Fefe Bussi.

Fefe Bussi then shifts his guns to Victor Kamenyo and Gravity Omutujju who he says is less talented. He pity’s Gravity for not having been immunized as a child. Fefe claims to have written most of Gravity’s hit songs some of which he actually sang poorly. Fefe expresses his discontent about how he made a bright future for Gravity and the ‘Nfanana Zuena‘ singer did not return the favor.

Victor Kamenyo was mentioned too.

As he closes, he warns off the rappers in the song saying this diss song does not require a reply and whoever dares to take that path should do it at his own risk.

Well, what a way to start off the year for Fefe Bussi!

You can listen the song here;

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