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Chagga also know as the Big Papa who has been managing the Late Radio and Weasel in their Goodlyfe crew ever since they parted ways with Jeff Kiwa has released a new gospel song dubbed Nsasira.

Chagga, real name Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, has been the Goodlyfe manager since 2015 despite the rumors that had surfaced in the Late 2017 that he had been fired. He contained the situation with the crew till now.

                                                                 Late Mozey Radio, Chagga & Weasel

However much he is currently facing some resistance from the only surviving Goodlye member Weasel Manizo who seems to be more interested in Bryan White Foundation than his own Music Career,  Chagga has decided to get back to the drawing board and do his own music.

According to our sources, Chagga has released his brand new 2018 project dubbed “Nsasira” a song where he asks the Lord to forgive him wherever he could have gone wrong and help him watch out against the bad minds.

However what caught our attention is the fact that the song relates more to the Angel Music a label that was owned by the Late Mowzey Radio before he breathed his last. This has raised more questions on whether the song was one of the famous songs done by Radio or Chagga is planning on his exit from from the Goodlfye crew.

Well whatever it is, We will keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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