Goodlyfe manager, Chagga Geofrey, has again mentioned that Weasel is being misled by Bryan White and he will lead to the collapse of the Goodlyfe Entertainment group since Weasel no longer attends the concerts he was earlier booked to perform at.

Chagga who has kept quite a low profile since the death of a friend and client Mowzey Radio has spoken again about how Bryan White is misleading surviving Goodlyfe singer Weasel. The Goodlyfe manager however has in recent arose to express his dissatisfaction over the much involvement of Bryan White in Weasel’s personal life and business, which he thinks will lead to the downfall of Weasel as an artiste and hence the eventual downfall of the Goodlyfe crew.

Chagga Godfrey.

Chagga says that Weasel is missing many of the shows where he was booked to perform with the influence of Bryan White yet the promoters already paid him (Chagga) as the Goodlyfe manager. He says that the deposit paid to him earlier as the year started by concert promoters has already been spent on Weasel’s music video productions and other Goodlyfe crew day to day duties.

Weasel, on the other hand, says that Bryan White pays him way much more than what he can earn from the musical performances at the other normal concerts where he has been booked, and his aim is to look for money. It is for that reason that he does not find it beneficial to leave the Bryan White Foundation campaigns and go for music concert performances elsewhere.

Weasel thanks Bryan White for handing over cash to the late Mowzey Radio’s mother.

Bryan White, in defence, makes it clear that he does not force anybody into any duties and he lets all those involved in his activities choose whether they want to participate or not. He only pays for the duties assigned so as to motivate the artistes to appear whenever they are called upon. His financial influence however cannot be overlooked since he has been known to splash money around without a reasonable cause.

Weasel performs at one of the Bryan White Foundation campaigns.

This leaves all three of them in a mix. But of course as the manager, Chagga has his credible reasons because money was paid by the promoters and these contracts have to respected. We hope Weasel can find a way around this.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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