Celebrity hairstylist Zziwa, of the Hair By Zziwa Hair Studio, has been admitted at Butabika hospital again. He is back to drugs and alcohol, and he nearly lost his life when he rammed into a building after a night out.

Kennedy Zziwa is not a stranger to rehab and mental state institutions. He has been in and out of related facilities a couple of time due to his drug abuse and other addiction related issues. When Zziwa walked out of rehab last year, he started preaching against drug abuse and he has since helped very many vulnerable addicts to turn themselves into rehab and transform their lives around.

Zziwa at his Hair By Zziwa hair studio.

Through his life story, Zziwa has successfully managed to inspire very many people, but now it seems like he has fallen back into the old trap that almost ended his life. Friends close to Zziwa have reported concern about the hairstylist falling back to his old habits of drowning in booze and using drugs excessively. They say he is not proud of it and he tries to hide it from many of the people around him.

Zziwa has worked on top celebrities including Desire Luzinda.

Last week however, Zziwa could not control himself after he rammed his car into a building around Kireka. It is said that he was on his way back home after a drinking night out from a bar in Kireka. He was totally dazed and he sped into a building leaving his car damaged.

The damaged car.

Eyewitnesses who were present at the scene say Zziwa was surrounded by boda boda drivers who wanted to lynch him for almost knocking them as he struggled with the car before ramming into the building. They were concerned about why a person would drive a car in such a state, but Zziwa was saved by a few Samaritans who stopped the boda boda men from harming him further.

Zziwa’s car was later taken to Jinja Road Police Station, and he was checked in to Butabika Hospital in the Alcohol and Drug Unit department.

Zziwa usually has a driver and it is not clear why he was alone this time round. We pray he makes it through this time though, we know he is strong and will overcome his troubles.

Get well soon Zziwa!

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