Mr Kampala Isaac Mubikirwa, a Ugandan top body builder, has blasted Uganda’s beauty queen Anita Fabiola saying she is fake and he does not understand why people idolize her.

Isaac is a the big boy who won the Uganda Body Building Championships. While on one interview, he was asked if he has feelings like any other normal man and if he has a crush on any of Uganda’s beauties. To e specific, the interviewer asked if he had a crush on the ‘Katch Up‘ presenter Anita Fabiola.

Isaac Mubikirwa the Body Building Champion.

Appearing to be shocked and clueless, Mubikirwa wondered who this Fabiola was. “Who is Fabiola?”, the body builder asked. “What does she do? I don’t know her. I hardly watch TV, neither do I even know the trending new songs. I spend most of my time in gym either training people or myself”, he added.

Anita Fabiola.

Isaac then turned to his phone to check through google to be sure and confirm who Anita Fabiola was, and why it was her he was being asked about. He scrolled through her pictures and, still wearing that shocked look, said, “I have never seen this one before (still looking through Fabiola’s photos), in some photos she looks photo shopped. She doesn’t look real to me,” he said before laughing out loud.

Anita Fabiola is one of the most popular and scandalous female celebrities in Uganda. She is also an actress, and a presenter on the ‘Katch Up‘ TV show.

Well, she is not really that famous yet!

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