Goodlyfe manager, and singer (now) Chagga, has refuted claims from fans and tabloids that poised Wendy to be the perfect replacement for fallen singer Mowzey Radio. He says no one can ever replace Radio.

Following Mowzey Radio’s death, many artistes came out to sing tribute songs for the fallen singer. His friends and fellow singers composed original songs praising Radio while others made a rendition of Radio’s old songs. Wendy, a new singer on the block, made a tribute song with many of Radio’s songs covers in it. Of the many tribute songs, Wendy’s stood out, with many music fans urging the Goodlyfe crew to put her on board as Radio’s replacement because of her sweet voice.

Goodlyfe, through their social media platforms, said they would sign Wendy and place him under Angel Music which was Radio’s private music label. Wendy gained reasonable momentum since then and she has since embarked on a major media tour around the country to establish her presence on the music scene.

Wendy Thelma.

Chagga Geoffrey however has refuted all claims that mentioned Wendy as Radio’s replacement to backup Weasel, saying that the ‘Neera‘ singer will never be replaced because his talent can never be equaled and as well his position in Goodlyfe will never be filled even if he left. This has been rounded up with other claims that Wendy and Chagga failed to agree on the terms of service that the songstress demanded before being signed to the Goodlyfe. Wendy demanded that she joins the crew together with her manager, Roger Kent, something which Chagga rejected.

Chagga Geoffrey.

Wendy and her manager say they do not regret failing to join Goodlyfe and are planning on something bigger as they make their mark for breakthrough into this confusing music industry.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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