Weasel, real names Douglas Mayanja, fired the longest serving Goodlyfe manager Chagga Geoffrey yesterday on camera. The singer stated his reasons as to why he finally axed his manager, leaving many fans with mixed reactions.

Ever since Mowzey Radio died, the Goodlyfe Entertainment camp has not been settled. Weasel, the remaining piece of the Radio and Weasel magical duo, has been struggling to set his foot on the ground and move on from the tragedy that struck the Goodlyfe camp with the tragic death of their top talent, Radio.

Fallen singer Mowzey Radio.

A week after Radio’s death, Weasel fired the Goodlyfe bookings manager Emma Carlos for alleged financial related issues. Yesterday (13th March 2018), Weasel fired longest serving Goodlyfe manager, Chagga Geoffrey. Chagga earlier had stated his concern about Weasel not being able to respect contracts signed by Goodlyfe as regards performing at concerts, and hence they were losing money. He said that many promoters were unhappy with Weasel for not turning up at concerts where he was booked to perform. While appearing on Spark TV, the ‘Tokyayitaba‘ singer narrated as to why he closed terms with Chagga. In his own words, he said;

“As per me, I am a big a** man. I want to remind you that despite keeping a low profile, I am not stupid. I am very smart. You cannot even give me time to grieve, as soon as Radio died you wanted me to go and perform in Busia. I am so grieved and cannot even perform on stage. All I want to say is, Chagga you need to apologize to me and my family. You don’t make me work by force. Do not make me work while am stressed. And as per now, you are FIRED!”

The late Mowzey Radio, Chagga and Weasel.

When the video of Weasel firing Chagga was posted on social media, many fans and critics commented with mixed reactions. Some were on Weasel’s side and felt like he was being overworked without being given enough time to grieve the loss of his comrade. Others however pointed out that Weasel’s reasons for firing Chagga were very weak and must have been influenced by an external factor. They ask that; if Weasel said he could not perform because he was stressed, how then is it possible that he performs at all Bryan White’s campaigns across the country?

Below is a video of Weasel explaining why he fired Chagga from the Goodlyfe camp, (Courtesy of Spark TV);

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