Ugandan popular socialite Zari, a.k.a Zarinah Hassan, has strongly denounced Barbi Jay‘s immoral acts after the singer was caught having sex in a car. Zari asked if the singer could not afford a lodge and instead decided to disrespect his wife like that.

Barbie Jay and his wife Miller.

Zari, who has been struggling to move on after she broke up with her Tanzanian fiancee Diamond Platnumz, has criticized Ugandan local singer Barbi Jay for his immorality and cheating on the mother of his children. It should be recalled that just a few days before Barbi Jay was nabbed and arrested by police, his wife Millers Nisha Mariam had just given a birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Barbie Jay and his newborn kid.

In a tweet, Zari confronted Barbi Jay for his acts and how disrespectful he was to his wife. She also asked why the Ugandan artiste could not just afford to pay and have sex in a lodge and rather opted to have it in a car parked alongside a busy public road. Zari tweeted;

“So a Ugandan artist was caught having sex in a car just a month after his wife gave birth. Dude you couldn’t be so disrespectful enough to pay for a guest house. And the kids will be like, ‘he is my role model.’ SMH!! Life ne?”

In the reply section to Zari’s tweet, many tweeps retaliated saying she has no moral authority to judge Barbi Jay since she has done worse. Others said that she should mind her business. Some few more picked on her ex-boyfriend Diamond Platnumz saying him too is a role model to many children despite bedding various women allover East Africa.

Zari’s ex Diamond Platnumz.

It should be remembered that Zari’s herself had a sex-tape leaked in December 2014, and she has been named to have been bedded by various across Africa.

Well, it has come down to the ‘don’t throw stones in the market, or you might just hurt one of your own’ saying.

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