Bebe Cool‘s Wife and mother of his beautiful children Zuena Kimera has found another part time job in the “Ssenga Business” leaving other celebrated ‘Ssengas’ like Justine Nantume in panic.

The Musoga beautiful mother of five Zuena Kimera who was recently shifted to a new family house after years of renting has started off with sharing some of the skills women can use to have a successful marriage.

Well from her experience of handling a man who is a celebrated top musician (Bebe Cool) in Uganda and Africa’s No. 16 according to Kora Awards, Zuena Kimera is the right person to take on this job however we don’t know how her cake business will continue flourishing like it has been since she has added another task.

              Bebe Cool & Zuena at their New House

Zuena Kimera who thought she would be mean if she didn’t share some of the tips on how to have a successful marriage said that;

“I would be mean if i don’t share tips of a successful marriage…once in a while i’ll be dropping a few tips about marriage. Marriage is a wide topic but what’s important is you and your partner to enjoy it”.

She went on in a long statement to hit straight on cleanliness which she thinks is a must have as as far as marriage is concerned.

“Ladies,the way you wash your panties everyday before having a shower is the same way you should wash your bra …be it black in color. Especially if you’re a breastfeeding mother,that is a must. Men are human and just like anybody else,bad body odour turns them off,so ladies try as much as you can to wash your inner gourmets and also take a shower in the morning & evening before going to bed”.

Zuena Kimera advised.

Well, may be apart from people with biased minds, i think all of the rest will agree with Zuena since we can easily understand that being clean is “key”.

Till next time she comes with another topic, we will keep you posted. Just stay on MBU

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