Spice Diana has come out to explain why she did not appear at the general launch of the Bryan White Foundation in Mbarara. She says that Bryan White allegedly wanted more than just her music.

The singer who has been in the recent past an aide at Bryan White’s campaigns alleges that the city moneybag was not only interested in her music, he wanted more than the songstress could possibly offer, and for that she could not keep the business relationship going and that is how the two parties fell out.

Bryan White.

Spice Diana is selling like hot cake, for both the right and wrong reasons, but who cares? She is making money, and many promoters are always in contact with her manager for opportunity to have her booked at their concerts. Bryan White, is one of the many that yearned to have the sexy singer added to his entourage that rolled with him throughout his countrywide campaigns. The songstress was showered with lots of cash and many promises were made by Bryan who said he was going to sponsor the singer’s career by funding her video shoots and music promotion. Everything went on as planned for the first few weeks until Bryan allegedly made advances towards the sexy Spice, begging for a chance to date her something which Spice Diana rejected and has since distanced herself from the socialite.

The sexy Spice Diana.

Spice Diana says that she has a boyfriend and she can not date any other man. She stressed it out that the only reason she agreed to work with Bryan White was because she had music to offer as Bryan and his team had earlier demanded, and in return she hoped to acquire extra funding for her music career as promised. It was strictly business and when it deviated from that, Spice Diana pulled out of the partnership and that is why she failed to appear at the launch of the Bryan White Foundation at Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara last week.

Well, it seems like she is smart after all, the 32 points could be true.

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