Swangz Avenue’s Vinka has copied and pasted Hanson Baliruno‘s ‘Kandanda‘ song in her latest single ‘Chips Na Ketchup‘. The similarity in both songs is very much, and at some point I was caught in-between, confusing the lyrics to both songs.

The vice that has for ages engulfed the music industry in Uganda seems to be gaining more momentum with each day that passes by. The copy and paste syndrome that many Ugandan artistes have been crying foul of does not seem ready to be classified as extinct anytime soon. Just a few days after an upcoming artiste, Joze Lizard, claimed Fik Fameica stole his ‘Property‘ song, fast rising female dancehall star Vinka has done almost the same with her new project. Her new song is very similar to Hanson Baliruno’s.

Hanson Baliruno.

Just to seem a bit more professional, Vinka got rid of the lyrics but ran off with the rhyme and beat-flow in Hanson Baliruno’s ‘Kandanda‘ song unlike Fik Fameica who copied almost each word and rhyme in the ‘Property‘ song. Hanson Baliruno released his ‘Kandanda‘ song earlier this year and the song has already reached about half a million views on YouTube, which should show you how well the song was received by music fans allover East Africa.

Swangz Avenue’s Vinka hit studio and recorded her ‘Chips Na Ketchup‘ song which was released earlier on today (15th March 2018). On listening for the real first time, it easily catches your attention and for a musically keen ear it quickly resonates to Hanson Baliruno’s song ‘Kandanda‘. The similarity in the two songs is from how the songs rhyme, in the verses and choruses. We have uploaded both songs, and you can be the judge!

 ‘Kandanda’ by Hanson Baliruno.

‘Chips Na Chicken’ by Vinka.

Do you agree?

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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