Comedian Daniel Kalela’s one man show at Theatre Labonita was arguably a success as the rising star gathered a mammoth crowd for a rib-cracking session on Friday.

From outside the venue, the mood looked upbeat and perfect for the evening as several trickled into the auditorium one by one.

The VIP section seemingly took longer to get filled up but the ordinary section got covered up real quick – people anxiously waiting for the show to commence.

Revelers rushing to get chapats on stage

Towards 9 pm, the show got underway with curtain raisers of a band and a host of comedians causing early damage to the fans’ ribs.

Before long, the main act – Kalela was already set for a jaw-dropping unveiling. MC Okello-Okello Joshua did the honors to welcome the star before the curtains were drawn.

Kalela – clad in a fitting shiny grey suit, pencil tie, white Shirt and pointed shoes – graced the stage, seated behind “Kirumira’s Chapati and Rolex” stall, under a multi-colored umbrella with Rachael Magoola’s song – Obangaina – playing.

DPC Kirumira paying for his Rolex

The stage, well lit, warm and colorful simply summoned the ‘Musoga’ in everyone as several reached out to purchase Chapatis right there on stage.

Kalela had close to forty minutes of selling Chapatis right on stage as paparazzi took photos of young and old reaching out for the common delicacy.

Ordinary Section Full to capacity

As fans found their seats off the stage, the jokes took their toll on them thereafter as Kalela spanned from political differences to music and tribal ridicule.

Kalela finally invited his mother and the rest of his family whom he introduced on stage – and his uncle was not spared – the comedian making fun of his over-sized suit.

Kalela acting like Kabaka Of Buganda

Former Buyende DPC Muhammed Kirumira was also present and he was later welcomed to the stage as the show came to an end.

Him with comedians Pablo, Mariach, Ssenga Sebana and Daniel Omara appreciated the show well executed, Kirumira – clearing his name after he was recently implicated for allegedly eating a crime preventer’s rolex when he was still OC in Nansana in 2013.

Kalela’s Uncle and his Mother

He offered to buy a rolex from Kalela’s stall at 50,000 Ug Shillings, a gesture he said was to boost the comedy industry but also show he could afford one.

The show closed out with a few minutes to 11pm. The delighted fans felt he had done justice to his maiden show with several vowing to proceed to the after-party at Club Amnesia.

Comedian Kalela Daniel

Well done Daniel Kalela. Way to go!

The only surviving civilian Afande

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