Gravity Omutujju

Rapper Gravity has distanced himself from the ongoing beef among hiphop artistes. He says he does not have time for beef with Feffe Bussi and prefers making money.

The music battle going on among Ugandan hiphop rappers seems to be taking a step at a time, every day as it comes. Since the release of Feffe Bussi’s diss song titled ‘Who Is Who‘ in which he mocked, dissed and provoked Gravity Omutujju, Victor Kamenyo, Fik Fameica, and other rappers, many twists and turns have been taken about those involved in Uganda’s hiphop industry. Some have retaliated with strong language on social media, others have entered studio and released clap back songs, all in retaliation. Fik Fameica however distanced himself from the beef and said he has no time to focus on beef at the moment.

Feffe Bussi.

Now it seems Gravity as well is not buying any of the cheap talk and he has decided to disregard Feffe Bussi’s provocative diss song. While on an interview, Gravity was asked his opinion about the progress of hiphop. He said it is going in the right direction and he is glad to be one of the very few people that stood up to uphold the music genre which was initially not easily accepted by Ugandan music consumers.

Boss: Gravity Omutujju.

Gravity was also asked to talk about the ongoing wave of diss songs that have been trending in  his hiphop kingdom. The ‘Embuzzi Zakutude‘ singer was so quick to respond and he said he will no retaliate to any of those diss songs, and neither will he even get involved in those childish games. He said he has no time for all that and he would rather concentrate on bettering his life than attacking fellow artistes. In his own words, Gravity said;

“I do not care about Feffe Bussi, the smallest rapper. I prefer making money and bettering my life. I don’t have time for beef!”

Well, it seems Gravity will not play along.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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