Rose Nankya has refuted claims that singer Barbi Jay was caught eating her sumbi. Nankya says she respects Barbi Jay as a father and she would not have sex with him.

A few weeks ago, singer Barbi Jay was nabbed by police in Wakaliga, Rubaga for allegedly having sexual intercourse in a car. Barbi Jay was found after road users alerted police of a parked Mark II car that was vigorously shaking on the roadside near the FUFA house. At arrival, police now in company of journalists, found Barbi Jay shirtless with a woman in the car and it was said that the two were having sex in the car. They were arrested and a case of being public nuisance was opened against them.

Ever since that day, Barbi Jay has come out to explain his innocence and says there was a misinterpretation by police when they arrived at the scene. Nothing however had ever been said by the woman with whom the singer was caught in the car, until now.

While in an interview with Spark TV journalists, the lady, Rose Nankya, played down all reports saying that they were having sex when they were caught. She said she is a dancer and she was from a performance. She sat at the back of the car to remove her stage costumes and wear her usual clothes. That is when police arrived and misinterpreted the entire scene.

Nankya also said that she was very aware about Barbi Jay being a father to a new born kid and she would never disrespect him nor his wife by having sex with him. She stressed that Barbie Jay did not have any form of sexual intercourse with her. She said this in the video below;

Well, do you believe her?

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