The untimely death of the Late Mowzey Radio could have robbed him from us physically but his Legacy, Music, Love to mention but a few will always be felt till we meet him again in Paradise. R.I.P

The only surviving Goodlyfe member Weasel who is currently the Big talk in the Media for all the Bad and Good reasons has again released another song dubbed “Mbagaliza Kweyagala” which he recorded with Late Mowzey Radio before his untimely death.

Mowzey Radio(R.I.P) in his favorite camouflaged attire performing at Chameleone’s Hit After Hit extra concert at Freedom City last year.

The new song by Mowzey Radio and Weasel  “Mbagalazi Kweyagala” which literally means “I wish you to love each other” is a love ballad just like all his other love songs.

Radio in his beautiful vocals throws in his heart soothing lyrics to the woman he loved but dumped him and moved on after a long time of waiting Patiently. His perfect and touching vocals prays for his Ex-Lover to have peace with her new found lover and goes ahead to ask them not to knock him down just in case they meet one another.

It is Believed that the Late Mowzey Radio left a hard disk with more than 200 songs that he had recorded and probably this could be one of those songs.

May You Continue Resting In Power Mowzey Radio.

Uganda’s Greatest Vocalist!

Here is the song;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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