AUDIO ALERT: Ronald Mayinja Hits Hard On Museveni. Drops New Song “Mzei Bizeemu”

Renowned confused and faded singer Ronald Mayinja who was recently disowned by Democratic Party which is one of the opposition parties in Uganda has hit hard on president Museveni in his new song dubbed “Mzei Bizeemu”.

Well for starters, Ronald Mayinja performed when members of the ruling party NRM party were celebrating winning the age limit debate on Sunday 25th February 2018. This led to mixed reactions from different people especially from the opposition parties since many thought that Mayinja belonged to the opposition a thing the built up more pressure on Democratic Party and disowned him.

                                          Ronald Mayinja with President Museveni in Kiboga.

Recently the “Tuli ku Bunkenke” hit maker traveled to Jinja to perform on the last campaigns of the of the Forum For Democratic Change flag bearer Paul Mwiru a thing that again assured his spot in the opposition.

Latest coming in indicate that Ronald Mayinja has released his latest 2018 project dubbed “Mzei Bizeemu” a song in which he hits hard on president Museveni reminding him that the issues that made him start the bush war have again resurrected.

                                                         Ronald Mayinja with Dr. Kizza Besigye

He in the same song highlights that he went to kiboga to inform the President on the issues that were affecting the country however his fellow people from the opposition interpreted his acts in a different way.

Well I can firmly say that if Ronald Mayinja is not a very confused faded musician seeking for attention, He is a true cadre of opposition.

Here is his Song “Mzei Bizeemu”