Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz seems to be a lucky guy as his exes Hamisa and Wema keep streaming in to offer their support for his music more so his newly released A Boy From Tamdale album.

Hamisa, his other baby mama, went on Snapchat to flaunt her newly acquired A Boy from Tandale’ album however before this, Wema, former miss Tanzania, had gone on Instagram to express how she couldn’t get enough of the musician’s latest piece.

Tanzanian sweetheart Hamisa Mobetto stunned her fans when she decided to flaunt her newly acquired A Boy from Tandale album. In a post seen by MBU, the mother of two even went ahead to play her ex lover’s music as she fondly sang along to every word.

Mobetto flaunting Daimond’s Album
Mobetto flaunting Daimond’s Album

On a post on Snapchat, Hamisa revealed she couldn’t get enough of the trailblazer’s music maybe just because it was beyond addictive.

Not too long ago, Wema, another ex of Diamond, posted a video of herself as she gushed about the musician’s latest piece. The two, had a flirtatious moment in the comment section as Wema teased her ex with a sultry and slightly sweet photo.

Here is Wema’s Instagram Post.

Diamond and both his exes had been on opposite sides for quite a while but he recently revealed the uncertainty of life drove him to mend all the bridges he had burnt. The celebrated heartthrob had stated he was not willing to hold on to grudges as life was too short to focus on such negativity.

Congs Diamond Platnumz over your newly released album. A Boy From Tandale!

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