Well when it comes to defying Ghetto situations by all means to see everyone smile and hopeful for the future, Bobi Wine is one of the examples that can never miss on that List.

Bobi Wine has today  joined the Uganda Down Syndrome Association and the Liberian Embassy as they commemorated World Down Syndrome Day at the Imperial Royale hotel.

                                  Bobi Wine with other Liberian Embassy Delegates

Down syndrome is a disability that causes delays in both the physical and mental development of a child. It is not a mental illness and has no cure so children with Down syndrome need to be loved, embrassed, accepted and given equal opportunity like other children because they’re also entitled to the same human rights as other human beings, in order for them to learn and develop into important citizens.

     Bobi Wine Enjoying some Light moment other delegates

Bobi wine made some clarifications on the Down Syndrome where by most people have always blamed the situation to the Witch Craft.

“There has been a misconception especially here in Africa where it’s blamed on witchcraft and indeed most parents especially fathers tend to run away when they discover that a child has such a disorder”

Bobi Wine Said.

                                    Bobi Wine with one of the Children that has a Syndrome Disorder.

He went on to bring more hopes to the society by pledging to work hand in hand with the Uganda Down Syndrome Association in mobilizing and sensitizing communities with children of that dis order.

“I intend to play a better role with the UDSA through creating awareness and sensitizing communities on how to be supportive and embracing to the children with such health conditions.

He Concluded.

Thank You Bobi Wine and all the best in your new role.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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