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Singer Desire Luzinda has stated the three things that helped her overcome her nudity scandal that happened four years ago when her ex-boyfriend leaked her nude pictures and videos. Her message is really empowering.

Desire Luzinda must consider 2014 as her worst year. It is that year, in the month of October, that her nudes were leaked by her Nigerian boyfriend just after being bailed out by Nassar Ntege ‘Seya‘ Sebagala following an arrest over a UGX 21M debt that she had failed to pay after her concert had flopped.

Desire’s nude pics and videos of her having sex with her Nigerian boyfriend Franklin Emuobor leaked and spread on social media. Franklin accused Desire of cheating with a long list of men, most celebrities and he claimed that it is the reason why he leaked the nude images. The nude pictures also led to her arrest by the anti pornography committee. It was such a bad end of year, one you can barely imagine or wish to go through.

The ‘Maanyi Gamukyala‘ singer however managed to pull through the scandal and she has since empowered fellow women who happen to go through similar situations. She is still standing and focusing on her music career as she outs new projects and has bigger dreams as a musician and a mother of one.

Desire Luzinda and her daughter.

Desire Luzinda states three things as the biggest principles that helped her overcome her fears and have continued making her stronger mentally despite the shocking nudity scandal that befell her. She says many ladies consequently as her for advice on how to handle tough life situations. She says many look at her as an iron lady, but she herself did not believe that before the big scandal happened. However, somehow, she overcame the storm and she had grown stronger with each situation that comes her way since then. She states the 3 principles that have helped her pick up the pieces below;


“So many people ask me (about my nudity scandal in particular) if I ever talked to the Nigerian and I tell them ‘No’, but I forgave him. The look on your face while reading this, I am certain, is the same look as the people who often ask me. But yes, I forgave him immediately after seeing my pictures. Not only did I forgive him but I also forgave myself. I forgave myself to avoid self condemnation which is one of the things that keep holding us back. I always forgive my allies. Forgiveness keeps my heart free from rage. Forgiveness heals and forgiveness helps me to move on. People who do not forgive always have bitterness on their hearts, bitterness leads to revenge. BUT, how will you walk out of a situation with bitterness and revenge? I urge you to learn to forgive because it will free your mind.”


“You can never walk out of a storm if you do not accept any of your glaring err, call it a mistake. People who do not accept their mistakes are always on the defensive and always pointing fingers at others. How then will you come out of a storm if you blame your mistake on someone else? Accepting my mistakes has helped me win so many battles.”


“A positive mind finds opportunity in everything, while a negative mind finds fault in everything. I must say it is not easy to be positive when you are at your lowest, but nothing lifts you up better than being positive. Knowing that no condition is permanent, knowing that you can wake up and all is over, knowing that there is a God who is ready to love you. Try being positive and you will be my witness!”

She said all the above in a post on her Facebook page. We must admit it is not easy overcoming what she went through, but her formula is quite helping. Isn’t it? Thank you Dee. You can watch her latest song here:

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  1. I thank God that I didn’t see what was shared but I can really really understand what she went through I thank the almighty who made her strong and opened her mind and the heart to trust Him as she said earlier the being positive is not easy when you’re at your lowest indeed it is
    Desire Luzinda you such an inspiration sweetheart 🙏🏽And I pray from the bottom of my heart ❤️
    God bless abundantly ❤️And thank you for inspiring the women so those whose know what the living God changes everything and everyone will trust you hun 😍Me personally am proud of you 😍🙏🏽.

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