Ugandan recording female artiste Sheebah Karungi who is commonly known as Karma Queen has fired back at the anti-pornography committee after claims that she was going to be arrested for her indecent dressing.

Like we had earlier reported, The chairperson Anti Pornography committee Annette Kezaabu came out and made comments about Sheebah’s dressing in-sighting that it affects the young generation who look up to her by emulating what she does.

The jumpsuit that left revelers pocketing.

“Today I saw a picture on social media of Sheebah singing naked. Those are some of the people we are going to go after. She just looked for a net, and the net itself is made up of only a panty and a tube seeming like a swimming costume, which is also very transparent. So she’s not dressed.”

Annette Kezaabu said in a long statement.

Well while Speaking to Live Wire program which airs on Spark TV, Sheebah Karungi fired back at the Anti-pornography committee which is spear headed by Father Lukodo the minister of Ethics and Integrity in Uganda, saying that the way she dressing goes hand in hand with her career and she feels so comfortable like that.

Musician Sheebah

“My attire is not a measure of how intelligent I am, and not until you come, meet and talk to me you will never understand who Sheebah is”

Sheebah argued.

She also gave examples of kids in Uganda watching Beyoncé and Rihanna on their TV screens, she said she is even more descent than those other international musicians kids watch on TV.

Well we will keep posted and hopefully Sheebah won’t be taken to Nalufenyaa for indecent dressing.

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