Uganda’s oldest and legendary Afrigo Band will be performing at the 2018 Uganda UK Investment Forum later this year.

The 52-year-old band will be immersing revelers – young and old – in a live and rich musical experience that can be rivaled by only a few or none Ugandans musicians.

The 2018 Uganda Convention UK will be one-day event themed “Partnering for Wealth Creation”. It will be held at the Troxy in London on Saturday, 16th September 2018. This year’s UCUK is expected to include a strong business-to-business dimension, with a large number of exporters and importers from Uganda,

                          Some of the AFRIGO BAND members performing at an event.

According to Nernard Magulu, the Vice Chairman, Uganda Convention UK, explained the reasons for this years adopted theme;

Firstly, in order to align it with the current direction of the country. Uganda is currently emphasizing an export promotion strategy where the government is boosting and supporting initiatives that open channels to an export-oriented economy.

Secondly, in order to reinforce UCUK’s Objectives. One of the objectives of the UCUK is to brand and market Uganda as a profitable destination for investments, business and as the land of entrepreneurial/innovative people.

Hopefully Afrigo will represent us to the Apex.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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