Ugandan music industry is completely taking another shape as afar as Rap or Hip Hop Genre is concerned and the most interesting part is that latest to join the rap battle is a female, Recho Ray with her song dubbed “Who Is She?”

Following the recent wave of rap battles between Da Agent (Who Is Me), Fefe Busi (Who Is Who), Jim Nola MC Abedunego (Hip hop Saviour), Gravity Omutujju, Raf & Semagambo (Who Is You), Jonah Seven (What U Gonna Do) and Fik Fameika among others the female rappers have also jumped on the famous “Hate Me Now” track to retaliate.

                                                        Rapper Recho Rey

Recho Ray has set the rap levels high after stepping on the music pedal in a higher gear and probably this will cement her name on the 2018 music marathon list.

In her latest song she hits hard on Fik Fameica whom she accuses of doing copy and Paste from other people’s songs and goes ahead to a sure him that they are only waiting for evidence to send him back to the village.

Ladies and Gentlemen allow us introduce to you Recho Ray in “Who is She” produced by Green Still

Listen to “Who Is She” here.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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