Weasel Douglas

Weasel has hit back at the critics that have made it a point to criticize his every move ever since he joined the Bryan White Foundation. Weasel says that they can keep hating, he has the money and getting richer everyday.

Ever since the death of Mowzey Radio, Weasel’s next move has always been a topic of discussion among music analysts and critics, with most saying it will be hard for the ‘Tokyayitaba’ singer to maintain the Goodlyfe legacy without his fallen talented partner Radio.

The criticism grew even stronger when Weasel joined the Bryan White Foundation, and eventually fired longtime Goodlyfe manager Chagga. Most critics claimed that was a big blunder and a manifestation that Weasel was being misled by Bryan White, and that it could lead to his failure.

Weasel however has stood his ground and hit back at those people that criticize and doubt his musical ability. He pledges to fight on and keep the Goodlyfe legacy stronger and richer, and it should not be such a big issue about his involvement in the Bryan White Foundation. He displayed large sums of cash in big bundles on his social media platforms and asked his haters to join him on the podium and chop the money. On Facebook, he wrote;

Banange abatanjagala mujje ku podium tulye kubisagazi” literally meaning “All haters should join me on the podium and we chop this money”.

Well haters, you are invited to the podium.


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