Following the recent wave of rap battles between rap and hip hop young artists in the entertainment industry, Faded Kandongokamu singer Abdul Mulaasi has also jumped on the band wagon to bring back his grandsons in line by drop ‘Entalo Zabayimbi’ from the famous who is who track.

Early this month, TNS rapper Feffe Bussi came out openly with a song “Who is Who?”dissing his fellow rappers in the land. From upcoming rappers up to ‘Legends’, Bussi spared no one as he said “Gwe Rapper ateewulidde sinakutegeera, Bwemba nali nkumanyi nakwerabira era” translated as (if you’ve not heard yourself, am yet to know you or if I used to know you, I forgot you)

Abdul Mulaasi felt so bad when he wasn’t mentioned in the list of rappers and decided to hit back straight in the studio where he came out with his latest song “Entalo Zabayimbi”. In this song he narrates on most of the music beefs that have been happening in this Entertainment industry.

Abdul Mulaasi follows the likes of Da Agent (Who Is Me), Fefe Busi (Who Is Who), Jim Nola MC Abedunego (Hip hop Saviour), Gravity Omutujju, Raf & Semagambo (Who Is You), Jonah Seven (What U Gonna Do), Fik Fameika and Recho Ray who also jumped on the famous “Hate Me Now” track to retaliate.

Here Is The Song,

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The only surviving civilian Afande

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