Nigeria’s movie industry is one of the most growing sectors in the country and has contributed massively to the country’s economy but you know what,  lads have released their own Version of Black Panther  dubbed “Wakanda Forever”.

It all started as a joke when some regular Nollywood faces were photographed on set shooting an unnamed movie which shares a striking resemblance with the costume and plot of the highly-rated Black Panther film.

                                   Wakanda Forever Official Poster

One of the actresses actually sacrificed her hair which was shaved to make her fit perfectly into her role and its no more any rumor since the movie producer and director hastily tried to imitate the plot of the viral American movie ‘Black Panther’ which grossed over $400 million in a space of one week.

                                   Wakanda Forever behind the scenes

Well the good news is the Nigerian verson of ‘Black Panther’ movie Wakanda Forever is already out and most interestingly they have already figured out what will happen in ‘part two.

Just like Black Panther, the movie has its setting in an African kingdom. The kingdom’s princes is in control of affairs of the kingdom while the Igwe is mind controlled by a beautiful belle.

                                     Actress who sacrificed her hair

Ladies and Gentlemen before the Real Black Panther hits the Ugandan piracy economy, get your girl friends and take them to feast on the Nigerian Verson dubbed “Wakanda Forever”.

Wakanda Forever!!!!!!  we go see this one ooh…

The only surviving civilian Afande

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