While everyone loves, fancies and admires celebrity couples here in Uganda and other outside countries, its like on the high rate apart form feeding the public with optical nutrition they have nothing else to offer but fade away miserably and latest being Onyango and Nickita.

Socialite Onyango Gareth who owns a number of hang out places in the city has been in  a relationship with Nickita Bachu for along time and as a matter of fact the two have a baby together. They constantly fed fans on public displays with enough optical nutrition however behind the scenes things were totally different.

                                             Onyango, Nickita and their Kid

The couple was always on and off trading cheating accusations to the extent that for a moment we thought they were stunts to keep them in the public eye however according to our sources it was a vice that had infiltrated their family.

Time came when they both hopped they would outgrow the cheating vice when the baby came in and Nickita got a little more serious with the relationship and started insisting on marriage. She really wanted this thing to work, if not for her, at least for the baby thou it was getting more different with Onyango.

                                             The Power Couple in their Golden Days

Gareth felt it was high time he upgraded to a woman of his level. Besides, he felt this whole thing was a lie, there was no more love. All they had between each other was a baby nothing else,” our snoops reveal.

Well Gareth has now decided to call it quits since he feels there is no love anymore but promised to keep taking care of his child.

Gareth on the other hand is rumoured to have moved on with a Buganda Princess, one of the Kabaka’s daughters but we will keep you posted when it all gets ripe.

Good Luck To Everyone In  a New Life!

The only surviving civilian Afande

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