Kenyan rapper Jua Cali has made his statement about Wahu and Amani getting saved. Amani followed suit when Wahu decided to get saved at the start of this year.
Amani got saved.
The Genge rapper gave his opinion while speaking at the Guinness fan zone that happened in Meru. He was asked about what he thinks of the new wave of top Kenyan artistes shifting to the gospel industry after, Amani and Wahu announced that they had gotten saved. Most critics have been saying that the singers are swayed by money, and it is the reason they are shifting to the gospel industry but Jua Cali thinks otherwise.
In his own words, the veteran rapper said;
“Being saved is something very personal. You can never know about what goes on in the person’s mind. I can only say I wish them success. It’s another world, you have to understand that. It is not like they will be doing gospel because of money. It is also another industry and you know there are those who would not want you to get into the business of music itself. If they release songs and albums, we will buy.”

What do you think about these artistes getting saved?

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