Dancehall artiste King Micheal has revealed the reason why Ziza Bafana was bounced from Bryan White’s home a few days ago.

King Micheal has been the most active artiste ever since the rise of Bryan White. The singer is Bryan White’s closest friend and he has always been in the money bag’s company ever since the socialite’s breakout to the social scene.

Bryan White.

A few days ago when fellow dancer Ziza Bafana was bounced from Bryan White’s compound, many rumors made rounds that it was King Micheal who had ordered the embarrassment of fellow singer. Many say that King Micheal has always prevented many artistes from accessing Bryan White, and that was the same case with Ziza Bafana.

Ziza Bafana.

Micheal has however come out to clear the air and he had this to say during a Bryan White Foundation press conference;

“I have no problem with any artiste. In fact, Bryan White usually blames me for the too much leniency that I have towards most artistes. I have given many opportunities to many artistes to join the Bryan White Foundation, but I’m not allowed to bring each and every other artiste. I do not remember when Ziza Bafana came here and I must have been absent that day (at Bryan White’s home). Bryan only told me the day after that there are some upcoming artistes that came to his home as he was asleep saying they had brought a new song. So Bryan commanded to his security that they be chased away since it is me (King Micheal) who handles the issues of artistes. It is later on that they got to know that it was Ziza Bafana who had come to the home. But I am the one who is being blamed since I am responsible for the artistes duties in the Foundation. Ziza Bafana should keep calm, and wait for that opportune time when he will eventually meet Bryan White.”

Watch the video (in Luganda) below:

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