The East African Reggae festival failed to garner a sizeable crowd and visible white of the chairs was clear to the eye for any distant onlooker.

Celebrated Jamaican deejay and member of the Rastafari movement Keith Blair aka Anthony B was the main act but instead local celebrity and musician Bebe Cool stole the show.

The evening rains were partly to blame for the no show of fans but even the artists seemed unmoved – Anthony B making less than 20 minutes on stage.

To compound the misery, Anthony B thereafter ran away without saying farewell to the audience.

According to our insiders, A lady know as Olivia who is the CEO of Rasta Light Entertainment that was organizing the show failed even to raise back the money that she spent on the service providers.

Well this might be a signal to all international event promoters that Uganda has moved on with its local artists unlike those days when international artists nearly kicked our very own from this country.

Here are some Photos;

The only surviving civilian Afande

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