Zari Hassan.

Ugandan socialite and former musician Zari Hassan has continued to keep controversy around her as she once again took a swipe at men who don’t care their women.

Zari who broke up with Diamond Platinumz just over a month ago – appeared to be schooling men on how to treat a woman with her post on Instagram but fans had mixed reactions to her plea.

Her love tips were initially taken by some in good faith but others were quick to remind her of the failures she encountered in her previous relationship with Diamond.

“She is also someone’s daughter; treat her how you would want your daughter to be treated by another man” Zari posted.

However, a fan known as Zack replied: “Even Diamond was someone’s son but what did you do to him?

Well Zari could be having a point but this is not a right timing since other people who loved Diamond to the bone are still heart broken but we will keep you posted on all other sensible lessons from her.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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