Following the recent increased electronic fraud in the country, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has revoked licences of 23 radio stations accused of promoting and advertising witchcraft on media.

According to the UCC spokesperson, Pamela Ankunda these radios have been used by witchdoctors to defraud people by claiming that when people send them money, their problems can be sorted. She says UCC has been monitoring these radios for a while and that they have evidence.

                                                                              UCC officials

“We have recordings, it is not like we just woke up one day and said we’re going to revoke. We have recordings of these stations. We have teams that have been monitoring these stations,”

said Ankunda.

Here is the list of Radio Stations whose licences have been suspended;

  1. Metro FM
  2. Nile FM
  3. Kagadi Broadcasting Services
  4. Emambya FM
  5. Village Club FM
  6. Radio Kitara
  7. Packwach FM
  8. Tropical FM
  9. Apex FM
  10. Bamboo FM
  11. Ssebo FM
  12. Eastern Voice FM
  13. Eye FM
  14. Victoria FM
  15. R FM
  16. Kiira FM
  17. Tiger FM
  18. Greater African Radio
  19. Dana FM
  20. Gold FM
  21. Hits FM
  22. Radio 5
  23. Dembe FM

However to our surprise most of the stations that have been mentioned in the list are still running normally like 90.4 Dembe FM.

We will however keep you posted.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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