Weasel and Radio

UK bound singer Weasel sheds tears on while on a flight to UK for the first time without his fallen brother Mowzey Radio. Weasel is en-route to London for the Radio Tribute concert where he will perform alongside other Ugandan artistes on the Easter Bash show on 31st March at the Royal Regency.

It is the first time Weasel is travelling alone without his fallen singing partner Mowzey Radio. Radio died on 1st February 2018 and it has not been such a smooth road for Weasel to live alone after having lived with Radio for over 15 years.

Good Old Days: The late Mowzey Radio, Chagga and Weasel.

A very emotional Weasel posted a video on his Instagram page with the caption;

“It feels weird, it is my first time traveling all alone by myself. Okay, maybe with other people but all alone by myself without Radio. You guys don’t know how I feel. I lost my brother. Like today, when I was leaving my house, I felt so bad. I felt like Radio was supposed to come down from his house and we leave like the way we do everyday. Right now I’m heading to London, I miss my brother.”

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Various fans rushed to comment on Weasel’s post and his elder brother Jose Chameleone, who gave him a shoulder to lean on through these trying times, also commented with words of comfort. Chameleone said;

“Weasel Manizo, Strong up!! Only God knows why. Let the pain turn you into the best entertainer in you. Let the tears come out musically. Every time you feel like this, it’s the right time to write down a song. Keep the Ugandan flag at high mast bro. Nobody can touch your blessing. It’s yours!”

Stay strong Weasel, and we wish you the very best in London.

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