AUDIO: ‘Kulususu’ – Beenie Gunter Feat. Shena Skies

Dancehall sensation, Beenie Gunter, features Shena Skies on new reggae song titled ‘Kulususu’. Listen to it here first.

Beenie Gunter a.k.a Baguma Crescent, has given us some new-school dancehall vibes in his considerably short but overly successful music career. Beenie is the infectious voice behind ‘Pon Mi’, ‘Olina Work’, ‘International Baby’, ‘Tompaana’, among other hit songs. He has collaborated with various artistes due to his versatile talent. The Guntalk City C.E.O is signed to Talent Africa, a music label that has worked with many international music icons.

Beenie Gunter and the Talent Africa crew.

On ‘Kulususu’, Beenie features fresh talent Shena Skies, a female reggae/dancehall artiste. Shena Skies has done a couple of songs including ‘Ewawooma’, ‘Soda’, Anything’, but she has not yet done that big breakthrough song to put her at the level every artiste would want. This song however is one to possibly push her there.

Big Prospect: Shena Skies.

‘Kulususu’ is a reggae song, with a relatively slow tempo and one of those songs you will want to listen to over and over again just to feel the vibe of two reggae talents collaborating. The song was produced by producer Lex Logic.

Guntalk City to di world now!

Listen to the audio of ‘Kulususu’ below;