Diamond’s official Photographer Kifesi who worked with him also as a Personal Photographer for along time has lashed out at him for letting Zari go without fighting for her.

The photographer did not mince his words when he asked Diamond to take back what is rightly his other than being proud and letting ego do control him.

                                  Diamond and Photographer Kifesi

He also pointed out the Tanzanian heartthrob is out of his mind and should soon come to his senses before it’s too late. The handsome chap has traveled beside the ex-lovebirds for quite a while giving him a front row seat to their personal affairs. The photographer described Zari as a woman-and-a-half who was a blessing to the ‘Sikomi’ hit maker.

                                  Zari and Diamond in their good old days.

In an Instagram post seen by MBU on Thursday, March 29, Kifesi stated that the musician needed to come back to his senses before it’s too late. He also said he wasn’t happy to watch Diamond’s downfall as the two are close friends

“This woman was a blessing from God. I pray you will soon come to your senses before it’s too late,”

he wrote.

Zari Hassan publicly dumped Diamond on the night of Valentine’s Day through a heart-wrenching social media post.

The mother of five stated she was tired of bearing the disrespect imposed on her by her baby daddy. The two have never exchanged words ever since but according to the Ugandan sweetheart, her ex is still allowed to be a father to their two kids.


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  1. Diamond and Zari were made for each other so please follow your heart and reconcile with her Diamond don’t listen to what people say about you two

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