Uganda’s Top youngest TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba has succumbed to pressure and addressed the media after rumors of her dating hip-hop local star Fik Fameica becoming the talk of the media.

The tiny Sheilah came out to criticize the media for reportedly looking out for the negative side instead of focusing on the positives in her life.

 She openly told his fans that she has not only come out to openly talk about her relationship with anyone but also never dated anyone in Uganda however to her surprise the blogs always tagged her with all these different people.

                                        Tv Presenter Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah went on to clarify that in her career she meets a lot of people but that doesn’t mean there extra personal relationships.

“My life revolves around my career and family. I must admit I have grown up working in the entertainment industry which means associating with both males and females in the industry but that doesn’t mean I have extra personal relationships with any of them. I love the Ugandan music industry and the music but that doesn’t mean I have anything extra to do with it”

Sheila revealed.

                                       Sheilah Gashumba at the recently concluded Zzina Awards

Furious Sheilah Gashumba went on the warn most of the stakeholders to put some respect on her name since she is one of the biggest assets his father has heavily invested in.

“I need the media to put some respect on my name, stop writing all kind of rubbish to sell your blogs or newspapers!! I didn’t grow my brand in one day and my dad didn’t invest all the money in my life for you guys to wake up and just write any kind of nonsense!! If I don’t come out publically about something that means it either doesn’t exist or it isn’t happening”

Sheilah roared.

Well, we are not sure how hard this will hit Fik Fameica but at-least we know Mafias don’t give out their hearts to be broken and they know what they want.

Hopefully this clears all the rumors that she is his property.

The only surviving civilian Afande

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