Bebe Cool is one of the lucky men who is fully enjoying one of Busoga’s greatest beauty export to the Apex since the wife Zuena Kimera has already gifted him with five kids and probably still counting.

Zuena a mother of five is a true the true definition of Beauty and Brains since with her undoubtedly beauty, she is also the CEO of Zuena Events a company that deals in decorations and cakes.

Bebe Cool & Zuena at their New House

The ‘Kabulengane’ hit maker Bebe Cool has yet dedicated a heart warming birthday message to his wife congratulating the later upon making another maiden year on earth

The Ugandan music Icon whose heart was filled with joy couldn’t hide his excitement but to only share the bundle of joy with his fans;

“Special can not describe the meaning of importance but it can show the direction to what i intend to say.Gifts can’t be enough because you have seen more than i can give you,but again and again allow me to say happy birthday to my best friend, wife and mother to my kids.
Happy birthday MUKYALA SSALI ZUENA”.

Bebe Cool Posted.

Meanwhile for the first time Zuean will be celebrating her 31st Birthday not in rentals an achievement we thank Bebe Cool for working tirelessly to make Ends Meet.

Happy Birthday Zuena!

The only surviving civilian Afande

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