Bebe Cool has finally revealed exclusive information surrounding the actual amount of money that was paid to him by the government in compensation for the injuries he sustained during the 2010 shooting. Over Shs 800 Million was paid in compensation in 2015.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning on 30th January 2010, singer Bebe Cool a.k.a Moses Ssali was shot by a Special Police Constable, Alfred Achikan, at Centenary Park’s Effendy’s Bar and Lounge. The actual circumstances that led to the shooting were never agreed upon by the victim; who claims he was shot at by already irritated police officers who had been angered by revelers around the hangout spot, and the SPC personnel who claimed Bebe Cool arrogantly engaged him into an argument that led to scuffle as the singer tried to grab the officer’s gun hence leading to the shooting in defence.

Bebe Cool after receiving the very first operation at Nsambya hospital, on the morning of the shooting.

Bebe Cool was shot with three other people, including two of his bodyguards; Cobra and Allan Masengere, and David Oluka, a Police officer who sustained serious bullet injuries. The four bullets that were shot at Bebe Cool shattered both his legs and rendered him unable to walk for over a year despite being treated by the best medical team in the best hospitals across the world.

Bebe Cool being attended to by his father Bidandi Ssali, and wife Zuena Kirema.

In fact, Bebe Cool was flown out to USA for further improved treatment , a trip that was fully facilitated by the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Bebe Cool, in pursuit for justice, contacted a few of the best city lawyers and demanded that government compensates him because he had been shot by a police officer yet he was not a criminal. The singer demanded for Shs 2.9 Billion in compensation form the government for the injuries he sustained during the shooting. Bebe Cool was initially given about Shs 250 Million but he claimed that was the president’s personal help to foot his medical bills and his trip while in the USA, and that he needed further compensation from the government. Bebe Cool was advised to reconsider a lower price to which he rejected and he was then ignored by the President’s advisors and blocked from accessing the president for further help.

President Museveni visited Bebe Cool in Nsambya hospital.

Last week however, many reports came out indicating that the Gagamel Phamily C.E.O had been compensated with Shs 250 Million and that the case was done and dusted. When we approached the ‘Want It’ singer about a comment on the above issue, he had this to say;

Yes I was fully compensated years ago, but I chose to keep it between me and the government because I am not a man that will always want to be a topic in the press. I was paid Shs 800 Million in 2015 before the presidential campaigns, and I used the money to; pay the lawyers that pursued the case, took care of my bodyguards with whom I was shot. One of them actually bought a house and his life has changed for the better. The rest of the money went to my businesses and I am a rich man, I can proudly say that now. The 250 Million that I received recently was part of the remaining money, and I thank the government for fulfilling its promises.

This leads us to a sum of over Shs 1.3 Billion in compensation since Bebe Cool was shot. He surely has the President’s support, doesn’t he?

Loyalty! Bebe Cool led other musicians in the 2015 ‘Tubonga Naawe’ project, in support of President Museveni.

Bebe Cool unleashed his new fully furnished apartments three weeks ago, and he promises more big budget musical projects this year after stabilizing his financial muscle with a few more other secret businesses.

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Well, that is what we call a blessing in disguise. We wish you the very best in your endeavors Mr. Bebe Cool.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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